Since 1989
LRCAL Precision Test Gauge 0.1 Class Type 01.27:
DS 250, 0.1%
Bourdon tube laboratory pressure gauges DS 10", class 0.1
Analogue reference pressure gauge including factory cerficate
of calibraon, oponal with ACCREDIA cerficate of calibraon.
As reference for pressure calibraon by means of comparison.

Dial Size : 250mm
Design: EN 837-1.
Safety designaon: S1 as per EN 837-2.
Accuracy class:
0.1% FS as per EN 837-1 for ranges 600 bar;
0.25% FS as per EN 837-1 for ranges 1000 bar.
Ambient temperature: +10...+60C.
Process fluid temperature: +20C.
Calibraon temperature: +20C.
Thermal dri: 0.04% / 10K of range (starng from
Working pressure: max. 75% of full scale value.
Overpressure limits: not suitable.
Protecon degree: IP 44 as per EN 60259 / IEC 529.
Socket material: stainless steel AISI 316L.
Bourdon tube: beryllium copper alloy.
Case: aluminium black painted.
Ring: aluminium black painted.
Window: plasc.
Movement: high precision.
Dial: aluminium, green with black markings ant an-
parallax mirror band.
Scale amplitude: 310.
Zero calibraon: external, manual.
Pointer: balanced, knife-edge micrometer.


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