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LRCAL IR Calibrator with Black Body

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The LR- Cal temperature calibrators with black body (black body) are suitable for the calibration of non-contact measuring infrared thermometers.

With black spotlight, for calibrating infrared thermometers
Including precision reference probe (Pt 100 4-wire, Class A)
Includes digital display
Portable Temperature Calibrator
"Black Body" for Infrared Thermometer
Model LR- Cal PYROS-BB

Range + 24 C ... + 650 C, with Black Body
For the calibration of infrared thermometers

The compact temperature calibrator LR- Cal PYROS-BB serves as a temperature source and reference device, for the testing and calibration of non-contact measuring infrared temperature measuring devices of all kinds.

Temperature range + 24 C ... + 650 C
Compact and light
Power supply 115 + 230 VAC (switchable)
ramp function
Including precision reference probe Pt 100 Class A and separate digital display
Block insert, coated with mat-rough graphite paint, with high emissivity
Specification of temperature calibrator LR- Cal PYROS-BB

temperature range    + 24 C ... + 650 C
reference probe    Resistance sensor Pt 100 4-wire class A
With sep. High-resolution digital display
Stability of controlled temperature    0.3 C
heating    From + 50 C to + 650 C: 35 min.
Cooling    From + 650 C to + 100 C: 60 min.
Black spotlight    Special block insert with black body
Interior coated with matt-rough graffit paint
Outer diameter of insert: 25.5 mm
Depth 150 mm
Internal diameter 70 mm, stepped,
Incl. Recording for the reference sensor
power supply    115 + 230 VAC switchable
input    600 W
interface    no
housing material    metal
mass    Approx. 6 kg
dimension    130 x 260 x 280 mm

All temperature range data refer to an ambient temperature of + 20 C. The accuracy data refer to an ambient temperature of + 23 C and are guaranteed for 1 year.