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Custom Made Gauges

  • Custom Dial Artwork
  • OEM Logo
  • Special Application Gauges
  • Special design dials
  • Special mountings
  • Maximum pointer
  • Silicon filling
  • Special applications
  • Special Ranges

          Get your own custom designed gauge.
          Just tell us the application in detail or the provide us the sample.

  • Custom Dial Artwork
  • OEM logo
  • Maximum Pointer
  • Non-Standard Mountings, Connections
  • Electric Contacts
  • Liquid Filling
  • Different Pressure Scales kpa, mpa, psi, kg/cm2, bar, mmhg, inhg, mmwc
  • Brass Case & Ring
  • Fluroscent Dials
  • Load Gauges as per Ram Dia
  • Or any special requirement you have

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