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1. Pressure Calibration
Primary pressure standard (incl. pressure source, manually operated)

Ranges : upto 5000 bar & Vacuum
Accuracy: upto 0.006% of rdg
b) Pressure Comparators
Calibration Pressure Source (bench types), manually operated Hydraulic and Pneumatic

Ranges :
Pneumatic : upto 60 bar
Hydraulic   : upto 7000 bar

Reference Pressure Instruments, e.g. documenting process calibrator

Ranges : upto 6000 bar
Accuracy : upto +/- 0.025% FS

d) Pressure Test Pumps
Calibration Pressure Test Pumps (manually operated), Hydraulic and Pneumatic

Ranges :
Pneumatic  : upto 60 bar
Hydraulic    : upto 1000 bar

e) Pressure Controller
Motorized automatic pressure source and reference in one unit

Gauge pressure up to 2 bar
Vacuum down to -650 mbar (controlling)
resp. -1000 mbar (measuring)
Accuracy : 0.1% / 0.05% FS
Handheld for Baromectric Air Pressure

Range: 800...1100 mbar absolute
Accuracy: 0.5 mbar
Touchscreen, battery operated, data logging
incl. PC Software "SmartGraph3"
Measure and Supply of
Thermocouples, Resistance Thermometers,
Resistance, Current, Voltage, Frequency
and Impulses
With optional pressure module: measurement of pressure
High precision reference thermometer
Reference RTD probes
Reference Thermocouples
Portable and stationary Calibration Baths for
Temperature Calibration
Portable Dry Block Temperature Calibrators
Portable Temperature Calibrator
with Black Body
for Calibration of Infrared Thermometers

a) Multifunction Calibrator
b) Precision Reference Thermometer
c) Temperature Calibration Baths
d) Dry Block Temperature Calibrators
e) Temperature Calibrator with Black Body for IR thermometers
LR-CAL is a trade mark of DRUCK & TEMPERATUR Leitenberger GmbH (Germany) for Pressure and Temperature calibration equipment, is the world's leading manufacturer of process control instruments since 1969. We sense, measure and control, simply but instantly and accurately.

Their committed, reliable and skilled team is not only able to manufacture high-quality measuring and calibration technology, they can also offer complete solutions that meet customers' needs exactly. Now they have join hand with "ADARSH INDUSTRIES, Mumbai" a very well-known Manufacturer and Exporters (45 countries) of Process Control Instruments to mark our Presence in India.   
2. Temperature Calibration
Test Pressure gauge, DS 250, 0.1%

Accuracy class:
0.1% FS as per EN 837-1 for ranges 600 bar;
0.25% FS as per EN 837-1 for ranges 1000 bar.