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At Adarsh Industries IS:3624, DIN 837, ASME Standards are followed in general for production of gauge. Situated in Mumbai the commercial capital of India, with our highly skilled technical experts we have put an effort to meet the quality of pressure gauges as per international standards. Each gauge is calibrated against high precision test gauges followed through leak test, overload test and accuracy test. Bourdon tube systems are heat-treated & stress relieved for greater durability.

Digital Test Gauges wth accuracies upto 0.05% are used for Calibration of gauges. Master Gauges are tested on Dead Weight Testers. Our Test gauges & Dead Weight Testers are periodically calibrated  by NABL Accredited Labs.
At ADARSH Quality Comes First

Why select ADARSH Gauges ?

Our Pressure Gauges are certified by SQAE Mumbai & IDEMI Mumbai for the following tests. 'ADARSH' pressure gauges passed the following tests successfully in just one attempt.

Shock Test (Free Fall Method)
Drop height 600mm, Gauge Mounting at - a) 6 O' Clock b)  3 O' Clock c) 0 O' Clock & with dial facing upward, Nos. of Drop- One each in the above position
Results: No Visual Mechanical Damage Observed

Vibration Endurance Test by Sweep
Frequency: 5-60-5 hz, Amplitude: 1.5g constant acceleration, Sweep rate: 10ct/min, Duration: 2hrs in each axis   
Results: No Visual Mechanical Damage Observed

Dust Proof Test
The sample gauge was ket in dust chamber, talcum powder was maintained in supsension by air cuurent. The sample was connected to a vacuum of 200mm of water column for two hours.
Results: At the end of the test the gauge was checked for dust penetration, the gauge complied this test successfully.

Protection Against Water Jet
The gauge was washed by water at 1kg/cm2 by a nozzle from all direction at a distance of 3 meters.
Results: At the end of the test the gauge was checked for water penetration, the gauge complied this test successfully.

Endurance Calibration Test
Pressure Fluctuation of about 50% of the pressure range was generated and the same was applied alternately between 25% and 75% of the instrument scale at a frequency about 60 cyles per minute. The Endurance Test was run for about 300 hours on non-continuous basis till completion of 10,80,000 cylces of operation.
Results: After completion of test the accuracy of the gauge was checked and change in maximum accuracy after this test was found to be 0.028% of span.


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