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Since 1989
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          Key developments

  • Socket Welded to Case

  • External Zero Adjustment

  • Capsule Pressure Gauge with inbuilt over pressure protection upto 5 times Over Pressure of Full Scale.

  • Diaphragm Seal with Miniature Diaphragm

  • High Pressure Comparison Tester without priming pump

  • Maximum pointer for 2-1/2", 4", 6" gauges with possibility of glycerin filling

  • Indeginuous developed Quadraple Contacts 2NO+2NC for electrical contact gauges.

  • Designed temperature gauges for high vibration applications for Diesel Engines on Ship

  • Development of Duplex Gauge with Double C Shaped Bourdon for use on Multistage Refrigeration Compressors

Research and Development

Since the company is led by technocrats R&D forms a key part of our company. Thanks to our continuous R&D efforts today we have been a pioneer in manufacturing advanced gauges. Our R&D team consists both experienced and young people. At Adarsh we like challenges and our R&D team is well equipped to fulfill any requirement.

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